Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Found photos

This is the perfect kitchen. Love the blue walls and sink so much. Check out the guy in the mirror taking the photo. I believe the old man is my great-grandmothers live-in lover. The little girl I have no idea.
And this is just amazing, a shop run by a dog.


My very judgmental great-grandmother had a secret bit on the side for years, no-one in the family knew about him until this photo and some old love letters were stumbled across.

Look how bad-ass he is with crazy hair, sick wheels and little dog. Potentially my great-grandfather...

Friday, 16 April 2010

Old typeface design

I was stumbling across my friend Sophie Tran's website earlier and was delighted to see she's used a typeface (which Id totally forgotten about) I designed a couple years ago. Its nice to see it used in context, and nice to see their little faces bearing their teeth up at me! Go check out her website she does crazy little fucked up drawings of monsters its pretty fun.
Made on fontstruct, feel free to use it here. Please let me know if you do its nice seeing it used for something!

Thursday, 15 April 2010


This is a whole new project! Taking the starting point of "Forward-Rewind" I shall be asking people to:
1) tell me a time when they were bold, brave, adventurous or spontaneous
2) tell me a time they wish they could rewind to and change what they did or didnt do.

The answers will be collated into a book, which aims to act as an inspirational read to get people to face up to their fears and not look back with a head full of regrets.

Starting up a blog soon, and ill be pestering all of you for answers!

P.S. Rosy if you see this, sorry I've used triangles it was just going that way x

Photos from Weston

The Ilford Sportsman is the most amazing camera, i love that broken advance lever.


Super-indulgent response to Weston-Super-Mare visit, photos from a mod's weekend escape.