Thursday, 23 December 2010


From a small place to a bigger city:

Here is the new blog everyone, it works much better for showing my portfolio... BUT don't worry, this blog isn't disappearing but is going to act as my space to show inspiration, events and thoughts/feelings. I like to try and keep separately whats my work and whats work that I enjoy.

And while we're here, check out this new project:

If you are a Bristol based photographer, then check it out and submit!
First issue hopes to be out by february/march.

Oh and merry xmas, hope everyones enjoying the snow....


  1. beautiful website! am waiting for some film to get processed so willl submit some stuff on the other tumblr . hope youre having an ace xmas will see ya soon

  2. Nice one jen yea it looks like a billy-no-mates project right now!

    Xmas is the tits as always, hope yours is too xx