Wednesday, 16 December 2009

One for your wallet, one for your wall

Business cards, keeping with this whole post-it note thing that's going on. The backs have peelable double sided tape on so you can take 'em and stick 'em wherever. Gorilla advertising, in a way...


  1. hi! i'm a friend of rosys. and came across your blog.
    i love it!

  2. Was that for "Research in the Commercial World"? I got criticised for using a post-it idea, apparently it's overused in direct marketing and printing them at a "non post-it" size is a no-no (they failed to explain what in their opinion is a standard post-it size though, perhaps because there is no such thing). Completely ridiculous (and useless) feedback if you ask me.

    Interestingly though I got a lot of positive responses from "the real world".

    So good luck with your post-it theme and keep up the good work =)

  3. Haha yeah I got told by one tutor not to do it, but by others that it worked well. Its ridiculous really, everythings been done before, and if it was that much of a cliche then I would have steered clear of it.

    Glad you like it Paz,